web design

simple, functional and really quite lovely websites

Your website is your shop window to the world.

It is often difficult to find the time to create a website that truly reflects your business. I can manage this for you from end to end. I will work with you to develop a look and feel that reflects your image and brand. Using WordPress as a platform, I create simple, functional and really quite lovely websites that will work hard for you. They are responsive so will work equally well across different devices. You can be sure you will get your website delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

Website design for small businesses

Project managed end to end so you don't have to

Websites are simple to use and maintain

Delivered on time and on budget

Planning your website

Your website is often the very first impression people will have of your business so you know it’s got to be great. This can feel a bit daunting. When I am talking to potential clients for the first time, they have lots of ideas but don’t entirely know how to put these together as a brief for a website designer. Never fear, follow the links below and read more about how to create a brief, download my handy template and use it to record all your ideas.


Download a planning template

Use it to record all your creative ideas

The Details

Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your business is essential to your website’s success. If you don’t have one already, I can help you with this and arrange the purchase for you or point you in the right direction if you want to do it yourself.


It can be tricky to write about your own business particularly to include with all the appropriate keywords that help Google to find you. If you need help with this I work with a network of great content writers who can create content for you that has impact and communicates with your customers and incorporate all the right keywords to ensure your website is as visible as possible to the search engines.


If you don’t have your own images, I can take a brief from you, source them and give you a suggested range to choose from. Or I can point you to some tried and tested image libraries if you want research your own. Plus if you want some bespoke images just for you, I can recommend some fabulous photographers.


All the websites are easily updated and some training about how to do this is included in the package. Alternatively, I can manage updates for you if you prefer or time is pressing.


Most of my clients opt for a hosting package with me too. That way I can look after all your site and plugin updates and be on hand if anything doesn’t quite go to plan.

I offer a great high-performance hosting package with an SSL Certficate, daily back ups and all updates included. The company I use are known for their speed and reliability to ensure your website operates at peak performance. Plus it includes robust security measures which helps protect your website from malware and other threats.

Alternatively I can build/ maintain or develop your site on your own hosting if you prefer.

Hosting packages start from £110/ year

Website Packages

I will tailor a website package exactly to your requirements but to give you an idea, here are examples of the website design and build packages I offer.

Recent Projects

Here are a selection of my latest projects, in each case I’ve used WordPress and created design and functionality according to the specific requirements of each client. I focus on small businesses who are looking for a simple and effective website with the potential to grow organically as their business grows. All my sites are responsive, meaning they work on phones, tablets and desktops.

Jo has reserves of patience that I had not known possible, always going the extra mile to ensure that everything was perfect and that all our ideas were met. Extremely personable and approachable, she made the website creation process fun, engaging and easy which was an unexpected bonus!