Updating your website

Is it time for a website refresh?

Does your website really reflect your business? Is it responsive and does it load quickly?
Is it up to date?
Is it working hard enough for your business?

While I really building love websites from scratch, fixing them can be just as satisfying. I really like being a mechanic. Tinkering away under the bonnet of a website, understanding how it works and making it look good, work better, work faster and smarter.

Technology not your thing?

I seem to have found a bit of a niche in helping small businesses who feel that technology is “just not their thing”. Either they are not interested or they are short of the time to try and understand how to improve their websites.

I have a wide range of clients including a Heating engineer, a Phobia therapist and an Executive Coach – all with very different website needs. Some of things I have sorted for them include:

  • updating layout and format
  • stopping spam messages
  • speeding up loading time
  • adding videos and podcasts
  • sorting out system and plugin upgrades
  • integrating booking systems
  • adding SSL Certificates

And they said nice things afterwards:

“Jo has done a brilliant job on our website. And has done it with great charm and efficiency. “

“Jo makes it so clear and talks about websites in a language I can actually understand”

Improve your website – quickly and easily

So what does your website need to do to help to grow your business? Speed is becoming ever more important so maybe you need it to load faster? Or maybe it needs a refreshed look and feel without spending a fortune.

Give me a call to discuss how I can help you to what your website needs to make it work harder for your business

“Websites promote you 24/7: no employee will do that.” Paul Cookson