Brand definition, messaging and content writing

The SituationTWVA Testimonial

Tiffany has been running her virtual assistant business for a year and felt that it lacked definition and focus in who to target and what to say about it. She had amazing testimonials, buckets of enthusiasm and a good website but the content did not really reflect what she was offering. Therefore she was not getting the most out of her marketing efforts.

The Solution

We met up for a face to face brainstorming session to get to grips with exactly who Tiffany wanted to offer her services to and how she wanted to describe her business. We defined all those services and developed a strong branding message for each one. Plus we worked on describing all the characteristics that makes Tiffany great at what she does and defined those into customer benefits.

From this meeting, I created a branding report that synthesised and documented all these outcomes so that Tiffany can apply them in all her promotional activities. Then I worked those messages plus the new brand definition into her existing website copy to make it really reflect what the business is all about.

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