SEO Review & Update

Are you confident that your website is working hard enough for you? When you google your business or your keywords where do you sit in the page rankings? Research shows that 94% of web visitors don’t go beyond the first page so if you want your potential customers to find you, it’s really important to get your SEO right.

The first step in this process is ensuring all your on-page SEO work is complete, so making sure all the right fields filled in, tags added and descriptions completed. For busy business owners, this is a favourite task for meaning to do but never quite getting round to.

By not taking the time to complete everything, when the google crawlers visit your site, they are not seeing everything on the pages so miss the vital signposts for indexing your site. This makes it much harder to match to customer keyword searches. What is the point of having a beautiful website full of amazing content that no one can find?

 What are the benefits of the package?

  • A simple way to make the most of your website in which you have invested time and money
  • A foundation or starting point to your SEO strategy. Get the basics in place from which to build your ranking
  • I will do all the work for you quickly and efficiently and you get to tick it off your to-do list

How does it work?

Step 1 Site Review

This is not an exhaustive list as it evolves as Google changes its requirements but gives you an overall picture of what is included:

  • Tagging – images, titles, alt text
  • Meta data – descriptions and tags
  • Keywords – yours, your competitors and research to find what your audience are using.
  • Copy review – including readability, headlines & subheads
  • Site security, speed and mobile optimisation checking
  • Links – broken, quantity and quality
  • Google analytics – traffic, where from, what pages do they visit

 Step 2 Recommended Actions

As a result of the review I will put together a detailed action plan of what is required in order to optimise your site. For example, this could include rewriting copy to include keywords, image tagging, updating page descriptions as required.

Step 3 Updating your site

You can use the action plan to update your site yourself, or if you prefer, I can get on and do all your updates for you quickly and efficiently. Then you can cross it off your to-do list and focus on creating some great content about your business. I can also set you up with google analytics so you can see more details about who is visiting your site, what they are searching for and what pages they visit.

Next Steps

This is a great starting point to help your search engine ranking and to provide a good foundation for all your online activity. However SEO is on ongoing process and the best way to build and maintain a good ranking in the search engines is to keep your site active and current. Ideas of how to do this include:

  • Regularly update and add unique content to your pages
  • Blogging about new ideas and thinking with links to your site and to related content
  • List your URL on all promotions
  • Get your site on all listings for local businesses
  • Reach out to your business’s related community, link to them and get links back to your site. For example reviews, recommendations, joint promotions, related products and services

To talk more about getting your SEO strategy off in the best way possible, please get in touch.

If you require ongoing SEO help and advice, where performance is tracked on monthly basis, I work with some great Associates who are able to provide these services – just give me shout and I can point you in the right direction.