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Search engine optimisation(SEO)

SEO – why do you need an optimised website?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes your website more visible to your target audience when they are searching online for a business like yours.

Are you confident that your website is working hard enough for you? When you Google your business or your keywords where do you sit in the page rankings? Research shows that 94% of web visitors don’t go beyond the first page so if you want your potential customers to find you, it’s really important to get your SEO right.

We have a range of options so you can choose the right SEO support for your business. The Starter Pack – for new websites or if you haven’t focused on SEO yet. The SEO Healthcheck – to get your site’s current SEO status and find out what needs improving. The SEO Maintenance plan – to regularly monitor and report on your SEO status.

Choose your SEO Package

Starter Pack: All your website content SEO basics in place from launch to begin building your search rankings.

Basic SEO Audit: Find out what’s working well and what needs attention.

SEO Maintenance Package:  Ongoing support to monitor your site, get status updates and fix minor issues.

SEO Starter Pack

You’ve launched your new website – congratulations! Now the hard work begins. Because it’s important to make sure it’s optimised for search engines to give you the best chance of being found by your ideal customers. For up to 5 key landing pages*, we will manage all the key basic SEO elements for your new website including:


We will proofread your content – checking and amending spelling, grammar and punctation.

We will optimise your main page headings (H1s) for keyword placement


We will create the page titles and descriptions that signpost your pages behind the scenes for search engines and add them to your site.


For up to 30 images, we will compose and add Image Titles, Alt Text and Alt Descriptions to your images. This makes your images visible to search engines and is surprisingly effective at increasing your site ranking.

With the right SEO foundations, we’ll help you build your online presence to boost your visibility. Paying close attention to these basic elements will show search engines that you mean business and you’ll begin to grow your page rankings from Day 1.

Plus, if you’re planning on running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, you will get better results and ROI if your website is already properly optimised for organic search.

*Additional pages charged extra, ask us for details.

SEO Starter pack – cost £295

Jo was really helpful in doing a health check on my website. The check was detailed and thorough. It was all a bit overwhelming to start with but she took the time to call me and we went through it together slowly. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend Jo.

Heather Stephen-Schelhase

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SEO Healthcheck cost £250
(up to 20 key landing pages)

Basic SEO Audit

How is your website performing? We provide a detailed analysis of the SEO elements of your website that are working well and those elements that need attention. Presented to you in a detailed action plan to help you optimise your site for search engines.
We audit the following:

  1. Page meta titles and descriptions
  2. Image tags, title tags, alt text etc
  3. Current ranking keywords (as found by search engines)
  4. Your main competitors’ keywords and current rankings
  5. Page structure and user experience
  6. Content freshness (i.e. when was the site last updated with new content)
  7. Speed check
  8. Link check
  9. Mobile optimisation
  10. Site security

To do this we need a list of your keywords and your main competitors (up to 3). We can help/advise you with this if needs be.

SEO Maintenance Plan

To keep your new website ticking over and improve its chances of being ranked by search engines, it’s important to stay on top of its SEO performance. Organic search is in a constant state of flux and SEO  rankings aren’t permanent, which means you need to keep your website continually optimised.

With our Monthly SEO Maintenance Plan we provide ongoing and routine management of your website’s SEO for up to 7 key landing pages (additional pages are charged extra, ask us for details). We will keep your pages optimised, regularly audit your site for key SEO elements, reporting back to you on anything that needs attention and handling any minor fixes on your behalf.

For an initial set-up fee of £60 we will:

  • Conduct a Basic SEO Audit of up to 7 key landing pages to check how well they are currently optimised for organic search
  • Send you a summary written report with an SEO action plan
  • Review of your current web page rankings

Then each month thereafter you will get:

  • An updated Basic SEO Audit
  • A written status report highlighting any changes
  • Minor fixes e.g. broken links, image tags, metas etc
  • A high-level web analytics report (traffic, bounce rates etc) and your current organic page rankings
  • The option of a quarterly video call to review progress and feed back


SEO Maintenance Plan cost £60 a month (rolling basis)

With repeated SEO maintenance, we will support you with several routine but vital steps to maintain and improve your organic search rankings.

Our SEO maintenance plan starts at £60 a month for up to 7 key landing pages (billed monthly on a rolling basis) and is a brilliant way to stay on top of your page rankings using our SEO expertise while saving you time!

SEO Ongoing actions

 SEO is on ongoing process and the best way to build and maintain a good ranking in the search engines is to keep your site active and current. Ideas of how to do this include:

  • Regularly update and add unique content to your pages
  • Blogging about new ideas and thinking with links to your site and to related content
  • List your URL on all promotions
  • Get your site on all listings for local businesses
  • Reach out to your business’s related community, link to them and get links back to your site. For example reviews, recommendations, joint promotions, related products and services

Learn the basics of SEO

– An online course –

Great for small business owners who feel they need a better understanding of SEO. The course shows you how search engines work, what “ranking factors” they look for in a quality website, teaches you the basic techniques you need and provides a long list of free online optimisation tools.

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