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Working in partnership with CBL Copywriting & SEO, we are offering tailored individual training modules delivered via Zoom. With each module we focus on one core aspect of SEO and teach you the basics so that you can manage your own website in your own time with the free SEO audit tools we’ll share with you. Each session takes 60-75 minutes and you’ll get fully “hands-on” with your website making improvements as we go along.

Each module costs £80 and you’ll receive a workbook at the end containing all the useful info and resources to keep and refer to whenever you need it.

Individual online training sessions

Choose from:

Technical SEO
Link Building
Metas tagging and descriptions
Local SEO
Optimising your WordPress blogs

Investment £80

TEchnical SEO

Search engines like to see a clean website that’s easy to navigate and provides a good user experience (UX). With this module we will:

  • Examine your website’s structure and UX
  • Review your content including use of headlines, copy and images
  • Make sure your website meets Google site speed standards, is secure and is optimised for mobile

You will also audit your website for these crucial factors using Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Link Building

Links are a signal to search engines that you have a quality website. Google follows links to find your website in the first place, then tracks links around your site to index the content. In this module we will:

  • Review the three types of links that should be present on your website
  • Audit your current links
  • You will learn new ways of creating and labelling relevant links.

Keywords/ Keyword Research

Keywords are vital for SEO since they are the cornerstone between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. In this module we will:

  • Analyse your website for current keywords and their ranking
  • Analyse a competitor’s website for their current keywords & rankings
  • Demonstrate keyword research tools to help you find new ones
  • You will conduct your own keyword research and start to compile a shortlist of the most relevant ones.
  • Finally, we will show you how and where to use them.

Page & Image Meta Tags

Meta tags (page titles and descriptions) and image tags are key SEO factors since they help search engines understand the context of a web page and how it relates to the user’s search. Having metas 100% present and optimised on your website is important. In this module you will audit your page and image meta tags and we will share meta tag optimisation best practice.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps potential customers find your business easier if they include a location request in their Google search (e.g. by adding “near me” in the search query). Even if finding local customers isn’t necessarily important to your business, having a Google Business Profile listing still helps indirectly with your overall page rankings. In this module we audit your current  listing or populate your new listing. We’ll also audit your website for location-specific content

Optimising WordPress Blogs

If you have a WordPress website the “Posts” section is an excellent resource for hosting and sharing your blogs. This module takes you through a step-by-step process of how to upload and optimise your blog via the “Posts” option, including placement of your keywords,  creating metas, tagging your images, and using the Settings feature. We will also cover some useful schema features such as using internal links, lists, tables, etc – all of which will increase the chances of your blog ranking on search engines.

What to expect from the training

With each module you will be doing the work! I will ask you to share your PC/laptop screen on Zoom so that you can access the relevant SEO audit tools directly. With each module we’ll have a 5-10-minute introduction to the topic, and (time permitting) 10 minutes Q&A at the end when you can ask me anything else about SEO or copywriting.

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