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Make sure your message is spot on. I will work with you to define your offer, create clarity about all your products and services and let your customers understand exactly what they are getting. I will unravel your ideas, bring some fresh thinking, fix any gaps and create mighty messages. This will give you consistent branding and messaging across all your communications.

Concise Branding Report 

Two hour brainstorming session
You get a branding report with key messages
Ideal for articulating your business before you build your website

How it works

A 2 hour meeting to brainstorm, gather information, develop and debate ideas (ideally face to face but can easily be done on Skype). From this we will answer the following questions:

  • What is the essence of the business?
  • What are USP’s of the business?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the messages to be conveyed to audience for each service offered?

I will generate a report from our meeting with the outlining all the outcomes from the above questions that can be used to inform future communications.

Once your messaging is in place it is amazing how easy it is to create content for blogging and social media posts essential for building your online presence and helping you up the search engine rankings.

Logo ideas and design

Once we are clear about your brand identity we can go on to create a logo that really reflects you and your business.
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Here are some of the business I have worked with:

I am so grateful I found Jo, the passion for the services she provides oozes from her and she had an enthusiasm about my business that reflected mine. This was a deal clincher for me. Jo brilliantly and effortlessly drew out the messaging for my marketing and delivered the work I required in a super tight time frame. I was enormously pleased with the work and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for any marketing needs

Tiffany Wise

Owner TWVA

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