About Jo Dickie

I love working with entrepreneurs who are trying to make their business successful and helping them to turn an idea or concept into practical actions. There’s nothing like working with people who have a real passion for their business and it makes my heart sing when I can really help them make a difference.

Jo Dickie Website Associates is a consolidation of my skills – technical, digital, design and marketing with a good dose of life experience – to offer a website design and maintenance service to small business owners.

I am a qualified marketing professional and have spent much of my career, both full time and freelance, working in educational publishing. More recently I set up and ran an online baby linens company Pixie and Jack. This gave me a taste for building websites, digital marketing plus a great understanding of what it takes to run a small business and make it a success. You can read more about my time at Pixie and Jack here.

I am a keen supporter of my local community and have built websites for Chalfont St Giles Playgroup and local theatre group St Peter Players as well as maintaining and updating the local Parish Church website.