Ten Top Tips for Small Businesses to keep your website in tip top shape

Summer is well and truly upon us and traditionally that’s when businesses slow down a bit. It’s time to kick back, put your feet up and reflect on your year so far.

Or it is?

What better time is there to give your website a bit of an overhaul? While it is obviously very important to sit by the pool and sip Pina Coladas, the summer holidays are a great opportunity to take a bit of time to catch up on all those things that fall to the bottom of your to-do list – like website maintenance for example.

Now just in case website maintenance is not your thing, I’ve put together a handy check list for you of my top ten tips to give you a starting point.

  1. Check all your contact information and contact forms – a technical glitch or a typo can cause you to lose valuable contact
  2. Check all your links – particularly the external links which can change over time
  3. Read your website content carefully and check it still reflects your business. Things change and move on so make sure your website is not stuck 6 months ago. And of course, the all importance grammar and spelling. An apostrophe in the wrong place or a typo can really put people off.
  4. Review your website stats – see what works best, where your visitors are coming from and use it to plan your marketing
  5. Review your keywords – are your latest keywords still included in the content? Do you need to update the content in light of how your business is now?
  6. Plan your site updates/ blog posts for the autumn and start researching them so you’re ready to go
  7. Check your page loading speeds— 2 secs or less is best. There are free online tools to do this. Just reducing images sizes can make a big difference.
  8. How up to date your blog? Research on small business sites show active blogs attract 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links so it is worth the effort
  9. Get a technical SEO review and make sure all your tags are in place, titles and meta descriptions are current
  10. Freshen it up the look and feel with some new images or you can even invest in a new theme without it costing a fortune

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A lull in business is a good time to reflect, regroup and make changes in preparation for another busy season. And your extra effort now will pay off. Autumn is not too far away which can bring a resurgence of traffic and opportunities.