Simple step by step instructions for updating your website pages

Log into wordpress and using your details.

Click on the “my sites” link on the top left and you should get this page:

Website admin page

  1. Select the page on the left menu that you want to update
  2. Edit text in the field shown. Text can be formatted using toolbar above text box.
  3. Adding a featured image – this shows at the top of the page
  4. Follow options to add one on the right side menu. A landscape image works best here.
  5. Adding images in page – select add media and choose image from library, uploading it if necessary.
    If uploading a new image, add Title and Alt text to help SEO.
    The image will appear in the text box. Select the image and a toolbar comes up with options to move left, centre, right and to wrap text.
  6. Update the page using button on top right. You can preview the page here too and edit if necessary.