Well here goes, the launch of the all-new improved version of Jo Dickie Marketing Associates. I have been freelancing for years while bringing up my daughter and it has been a brilliant way of combining family life with working. I got to be around at home a lot when she was small and was able to take some some really interesting marketing projects at the same time.

Now she is a bit older, I have more time available for working. I have spent the past three working on with a start up company Pixie & Jack. This was a bit of a departure from my previous publishing world as it is a baby linens company but it was a brilliant way of learning all about digital marketing from the sharp end. Plus learning loads about selling online, running a company and keeping the faith when things look tricky. You can read more about my Pixie and Jack time here.

So here I am armed with my new set of skills and ready to rock. I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with my publishing network and making lots of new connections too. Plus it seems my start-up small business experience is proving useful so would love to use these skills a bit more too. There is nothing more satisfying than helping a client turn their great idea into a viable business.

Give me a shout if you think I could help you with your marketing project